Copier Apps

One of the coolest ways Xerox is impacting the office is through a suite of apps to help make your office more efficient.  If you can imagine it, it can probably be done!

So here are some of the Apps Xerox supports –

With the Xerox App Gallery, you can find productivity tools.  Some examples are the Xerox Easy Translate app.  This lets you take something that is in English or Mandarin or Chinese and change the language of the document to Russian, for example.  If you have employees or clients from different parts of the world, this could be a great way to show them specs or menus in their own language.  Employees or parents may understand the requirements better.

You can use the Scan to Google Drive app.  Scan to Dropbox, Scan to Box, XMedius Fax – which can get rid of paying for a fax line and do it through the cloud.  There are apps for doctors to improve HIPAA compliance.  There is an app that will apply to nearly everyone.  We are proud to be Xerox partners who can offer this innovative technology to our clients!