Color Copiers

Are you looking for a color copier?  We work with Xerox who have been famous for making high quality color copiers for years.  With Xerox, you not only get amazing color, you also have control.  With the accounting feature, you can give each person in your office a certain number of color prints per month so they can use it when they need it, but don’t make your bill get way too high.

Another fantastic thing you can do is have control over the color jobs that go out.  One of the unique driver features Xerox has is something called Color by Words.

So, what Xerox does is use natural language rather than saturation and contrast as this part of their driver (though they still have the other stuff for the people who know how to use it…)  Here is what it looks like.





So, we can do interesting stuff.  You can make brown grass for a home you are selling look green.  You can change backgrounds to see what other colors look like.  You can change fruit colors like a banana to red (change yellow colors – completely – Red.)  Here is an example messing with the sky – change dark blues to purple.



Not sure why you would want to do that, but it gives a good example of what the driver can do with no training from the user.  If you want perfect color or the ability to easily control color, Xerox is by far the way to go!  We help you learn how to use these tools!

Here is what the actual driver looks like when when are printing. (No audio)






If you need help getting a color copier in Raleigh, please give us a call today!