Does Xerox Have Automation for Printing?

What is Xerox FreeFlow Core? FreeFlow Core automates the process you need to prepare a print job. This software features high flexibility and scalability. It features cloud-based and on-premise configurations.  

Key Features – FreeFlow Core on-premise:

Highly modular:

FreeFlow Core allows you to modify the software based on your needs. You get the core software along with 4 optional modules: output Management, Variable Data Printing, Advanced Prepress, and Advanced Automation.

Processing of manifest jobs:

Feed a manifest or list of print jobs; the printer and FreeFlow Core will print each individual job separately. 


FreeFlow Core runs on your standard browsers, so no need to install any special software. 

Job batching and clustering:

This organizes similar print jobs and prepares them for post-press processing. 


This compliance means that the machine integrates seamlessly with other JDF/JMF-compliant machines. 

Key Features – FreeFlow Core cloud:

Two configurations:

FreeFlow Core cloud is available in two configurations: Base Cloud and Advanced Cloud.

Base Cloud:

This configuration includes image enhancement, printing, imposition, and preflight. 

Advanced Cloud:

In this, you also get Core base software, the Advanced Automation module, and the Advanced Prepress module.


FreeFlow Core cloud works on your average browsers for making a move easier. 


You need an annual subscription for the FreeFlow Core cloud. 

How Will This Help Me?

You may face multiple challenges, such as a higher printing cost and longer printing time. With Xerox FreeFlow Core, you can overcome these challenges with ease.

  • Xerox automates all your printing processes, significantly reducing printing costs and errors. 
  • Xerox’s products integrate seamlessly with each other. So your productivity is always at an all-time high.
  • Xerox’s FreeFlow Core uses a simple drag and drop interface.

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