Proud to Work with Xerox

If you want the best for your office then you should definitely consider getting a Xerox brand office machine. Not only do they create the best office copiers and printer available for the modern office, but they also offer some of the best customer care that we have ever seen. We are proud to work with Xerox at Raleigh Copier because they are the ones that truly care about making the best products for their customers.

We have a good relationship with our friends at Xerox. We only really like to work with companies that share our dedication to both amazing products and customer service. We operate with customer service on the forefront at Raleigh Copier so we want to work with companies that operate in the same way.

When we started to partner with Xerox we knew that we were working with people that shared our values. We knew right away that they were just as dedicated to their customers as we are to ours.

We found this to be most true when discussing the Xerox Total Satisfaction Guarantee. The Xerox Total Satisfaction Guarantee says that Xerox will replace or repair and copier that has issues in the first year, free of charge. This is to help ensure that your machine is in good condition from the beginning, so it won’t let you down later.

Reach out to us at Raleigh Copier to learn more about getting a great lease with Xerox and Raleigh Copier. We know that together we can get you a great office machine for your business today.