Understanding your Copier Lease Payments

One of the biggest parts of being a responsible business owner is to make sure that you understand the contracts that you sign. Many people do not pay close attention to their copier lease agreements and that can hurt them later on. Understanding your copier lease payments is about knowing what you are paying for and what you are agreeing to.

Not looking at your copier lease closely can lead to you paying for services that you never use. You could also be paying for services that go way beyond what you need. This could be something like getting far more prints than you will ever need. It’s just a waste of money.

Understanding your copier lease payments means that you know that you are paying for more than just a copier lease. There are a number of smaller payments that you make every month that all add up to your total copier costs.

  • Copier lease cost
  • Print costs
  • Consumables costs
  • Maintenance costs
  • Upgrades or repairs
  • Shipping costs

There is much more to your copier lease than you may realize. Take the time to look through your lease before signing if you want to understand your copier lease payments. Another good option is to talk with our great staff at Raleigh Copiers to learn more about saving on your copier payments.